Current Trends

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We are pleased to offer a vast selection of new planters with fresh and inspiring designs, styles and colors. You can find anything from earthy, natural tones to premium high gloss spray colors or opt for a combination of these finishes. With our sights to the future and our ability to quickly design and adapt our pots to them, we are ready for the new season to begin. To help you sort through our collection, we have created a guide for everything you need to know about the latest trends of 2021-2022.


Concrete finishes are in high demand this year, and this trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere! Minimalistic and timeless, concrete planters offer a versatile look that complements any plant material. With so many different tones and textures these planters can be paired together to create anything from a modern vintage look to a more rustic farmhouse aesthetic. Some of our most sought out colors this year include Faux Concrete, Galvanized Metal, Weathered Rock and Grey Clay. Our concrete finishes go beyond any traditional concrete planters in that we are easily able to design them with intricate patterns and textures. Our planters are lightweight and cost efficient, all while looking completely identical to real concrete planters.

Earthy and Natural

Neutral colors have been dominating the market lately. Earthy and natural finishes exude an organic warmth and complement any space. These rosy-orange colors go beyond the garden industry as we see them trending in interior design as well. It’s no wonder that colors such as our shades of Terracotta have quickly become a favorite among consumers. Our collection of earthy and natural colors include a wide variety of Faux colors that resemble the clay used by potter’s around the world. Some of our favorite finishes include Warm Copper Lava, Santa Fe and Aged Terra Cotta.


Our fusion planters offer a unique look by combining two different finishes that complement one another. The ability to mix and match different finishes opens up endless possibilities and allows you to customize each pot like never before. We suggest pairings of either similar colors or contrasting colors. The similar color pairings create a harmonious look to the planters and easily blend into any space. High contrast combinations create eye catching planters that will liven up and draw attention to your favorite plants.

High Shine

With any of our products you have the option to add a high gloss finish on top. Our high gloss finishes and smooth finished planters have a distinct shine that will catch the eyes of garden shoppers. The rich colors and reflective nature of these finishes elevate the planter into a premium level and creates a ceramic look. Blue remains to be a strong color for 2021-2022, you can’t go wrong with our High Gloss Cobalt Blue, Charleston Green, Lagoon Teal or Brighter shades like Cotton White and Ivory.